I would like to add some bass to my monitor speakers. Tried both Daisy Chained and separate outputs. Dell EWFP monitor resolutions problem. Below is my system information. The screen becomes too big for my monitor, which only shows a portion of it, however, I can reach the rest of the screen by sliding to the other parts of it.

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I didn’t find anything on the Devjce. Can I plug a sub-woofer into the sep out and gain good bass? It is bad enough I have to grab the drivers from a different computer, but finding out that even that will not allow the laptop to hook up to the internet in order to get the rest of the drivers is just frustrating.

When I go to native resolution of x the images are all stretched horizontally.

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Windows-7 x64 Thanks SD. The bottom of that screen should show a resolution. I currently have it set to x so I can read it, but it drops it down and I lose inches on each side.

And the only product in Dell’s system is an old XPS. Are you the publisher? I have heard of driver issues since others have upgraded, but it makes no sense that it works and then doesn’t Below is my system information. I tried to load software and driver for the webcam. I’ve just bought a PD, my screen goes black sometimes randomly, like a mac user has pointed out somewhere in the forum. Can I use this monitor in full screen mode?

Is this going to be remedied anytime soon?

The application software had to load to my PC was OK. The screen becomes too big for my monitor, which only shows a portion of it, however, I can reach the rest of the screen by sliding to the other parts of it. I’m looking for any advice at this point. Outlook, Word, Edge, etc. I gralhics my own research since I had no choice. I working grsphics creation design digital and would buy a UPQ. From what I have read that is an issue as well.

I’ve only got two serial numbers on the back of my monitors which can’t be looked up.

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How do you correct this problem?? After reinstalling the drivers, even the monitor and video card ones, I still have this problem. The only workaround for that has been to set up a custom resolution on nvidia control panel, but i cannot solve the ddvice to black issue.

I much preferred Win 10 while it was in development so grabbed it as soon as it was released.

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Purchased this in February on Amazon, has 10 or more dead pixels. Browsing All Articles Articles. Did Dell lose the driver? Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. All have resulted in intermittent and random success. Tried both Daisy Chained and separate outputs. Zolano Inspiron and ST stretched display probelm. I’ve just upgraded to this monitor from a graphicss LG and it’s absolutely great, apart from trying to play a Blu Ray through Win DVD 11 Pro; I now get a message to say that the software needs updating, even though it doesn’t.