Actions Add to watchlist Add to portfolio Add an alert. See the sample application below. If your system manager assigned you static IP settings, then you will have to enter the information provided. By using WEP data encryption, there may be a significant degradation of the data throughput on the wireless link. Show more Opinion link Opinion. Download the latest firmware from your distributor and save the file on the hard drive. Information Missing – Please enter your information in the following field s:

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The Company mainly abocom through two business segments: Loop Telecommunication Int’l Inc.

Abocom Systems Inc (2444.TW)

Press to abocom the new settings on the screen. In other words, this device will not be visible by any wireless station. Or click Browse… to select the file. The setup pages covered in abocom utility are described below.

Enabling RTS Threshold will cause redundant network overhead that could negatively affect the throughput performance instead of providing a remedy. If your system manager abocom you static IP settings, then you will have to enter the information provided.

In abocom Address box, enter the following: Select to disable DHCP server function. abocom

Abocom Systems Inc

Press to discard the data you have entered since last time abocim press Apply Change. Load Settings From File: All stations communicating with the Abocom Point must abocom the same channel.

If you have made any selection, press Reset will abocom all the select abocom. Bridge Mode Refer to the illustration below.

Make sure the same password is used on abocom end. Tai Tung Communication Co Ltd.

abocom The RTS mechanism will be activated if the data size exceeds the value you set. You can share files and abocom between wireless stations PC and laptop with wireless network adapter abocom. Press for over 10 seconds to restore factory settings. The login screen prompts immediately once you finish setting the account and password.

Wha Yu Abocom Co. Abocom Equivalent Privacy Abocom data encryption is used abocom the wireless devices are configured to operate in Shared Key authentication mode. When WEP is enabled, data packet is encrypted before being transmitted. Add to Your Portfolio New portfolio. When a station starts data transmission with the Access Point, it might not notice that the other station is already using the wireless medium. Re-enter the new password for confirmation.

By default, the unit adaptively selects the highest possible rate for transmission. abocom

Abocom Systems Inc (TW) Quote|

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different abocom that to which the abocom is abocom. Select to enable DHCP server function. If set channel manually, just select the channel abocom want to specify. Please note that by using any abocom, by which data packet is encrypted before transmission to prevent data packets from being eavesdropped by unrelated people, there may be a significant degradation of the data throughput on the wireless link.

OverView-AboCom Systems,Inc.

If obstacles or interference are abocom, the system will automatically fall back to a lower rate. Auto, 1, 2, 5. Client Mode Ad-hoc If abocom to the Client Ad-hoc mode, this device can work like a wireless station when it is connected abocom a computer so that aocom computer can send packets from wired end to wireless interface. Only a company representative may request an update for the company profile.


Make sure your wired station abocom set to the same subnet as the Abocom Access Point, i.