The other side of the box that is not plastered with a logo tells you the same sort of thing, but it says it comes with a cable, user manual and power adapter. It, confusingly, tries to mislead consumers that USB 3. There is technically no difference to the dock between 2. For backups and recovery, this is a very satisfactory result. The logo is printed on the front as well. This chip is dated week 28 of

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While every attempt is made to ensure the information provided astone usb this page is accurate, specifications change astone usb time to time and we are not liable. Tested with a Gb drive, the throughput is as expected and easily is at USB 3. Also included is the USB 3. The dock pretty much works as described most of the time. Partner with Aastone Join ShoppingSquare.

Astone DOC-130 Hard Drive Dock – 2.5″/3.5″ SATA to USB 3.0 – DOC-130

We’re always looking out for you at Shoppingsquare. Rather deceptively, the sides of the box makes comparison of the connectivity rate astone usb than throughput.

With some Seagate Astone usb is a possibility that the bridge chip has some optimizations or firmware bugs which cause it to be incapable of astone usb reliably with drives of that astone usb as they may not have fathomed the existence of such a large drive at the time the chip was designed.

This astone usb where the designed in Australia moniker gets a bit of a laugh. The power supply comes from Flypower, dated week 42 ofand is 12v ysb rated as is common with many external cases today. However, only two of the corner screws were actually fitted — the foam was cut away in this shot to allow easier access to the screws.

Astone ISO GEAR U3 ″” SATA to USB External Enclosure

The dock holds the drive to a depth of about 3. This entry was posted in Computing and tagged cheapcomputer hardwaremade-in-chinastorage astone usb, usb. Ush Experience The dock pretty much works as described most of the time. I tested astone usb with H2testw just to ensure there was no data corruption from wrap-around, astone usb succeeded. It, confusingly, tries to mislead consumers that USB 3. We offer shipping discounts for multiple item purchases and checkouts.

That’s a huge saving! The unit also claims compatibility with 2. This chip is dated week 28 of All its envy-inspiring traits only astone usb to take your media entertainment experience to a whole new level.

It is backwards compatible with USB 2. The main PCB can be seen, dated week 38 of Teardown The uzb is constructed with a space for six screws, two of which are in the middle of the astone usb and hold the front to the rear, whereas the corner four are to astone usb the rear to the aluminium shell.

The top features a spring loaded trap-door style of access, which aligns 2.

Thanks to the support of our valued customers, we are continously growing and adding on new lines at astone usb prices for you. Now this latest model equipped with USB 3.

Astone usb shipping costs also include full transit insurance to protect your purchase astone usb the unlikely event that your order is lost in transit. The supply has a ferrite suppression bead as well. So buy up, buy up. Actual item may astobe varies Picture and specifications are for illustration purposes only.

There is technically no difference to the dock between 2.

The bottom cannot be removed as the PCB and power switch keeps it captive in the aluminium cut-out in the case, so you need to astone usb the top lid out from the base to get a look inside. It astone usb to be designed jsb Australiawhich I find a rather incredulous claim.