I never saw the low battery icon during my review period. By Joshua Goldman , reviewed October 4, You can quickly pull the scanner down the page without the X blinking at all. Visit exotic lands in the Nat Geo Travel Photographer contest. I was able to scan only 2 copies of the magazine image that you see above in Docu-color standard and hi-rez before I ran out of memory. Supported by Web Hosting Services. Small enough to take anywhere.

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Full page items worked well but we had a very difficult time with smaller items such as business cards and receipts. Tell Us What Docupen rc800 Think You can quickly pull the scanner doocupen the page docupen rc800 the X blinking at all. Having a full page scanner that can easily stow in a gear bag was quite liberating. Your email address will not be published. Build quality isn’t that great and we’d have expected docupen rc800 see metal rather than plastic at this price.

Winners of the Urban Photography Awards illustrate people dis connecting. Compare the latest tech gear. At maximum resolution and color depth, built-in memory holds only two 8. Battery life was never an issue.

So if you are a digital early adopter who stills docupen rc800 with full sheets of paper but prefers not to — lawyers and doctors come to mind — the DocuPen may be for you. Know a good story? Docupen rc800 unit also allows users to choose the scan mode, with options for black and white, standard color or high bit docupen rc800, and the resolution adjustable from to dpi.

Now for an example of a color scan, Doocupen scanned a page from Laptop magazine December issue in Docu-color standard rez.

docupen rc800 Next time you have a dying battery but no time to stop and plug in anywhere, just plug the mobile device to the UMC and the device is charging. Scan Anywhere Use the DocuPen and scan anywhere and then view or print scans later.

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DocuPen RC800 Handheld Color Scanner

At a glance you can tell if your next scan will be in color, if you have adequate memory left and how the battery is doing. Rx800 now instead of having just one button, there are 2 side by side. Dave Mitchell 18 Apr Awe-inspiring wonders of the natural world in the Big Picture awards. Hailed by Planon as the world’s docupen rc800 handheld colour full-page scanner, the DocuPen RC looks an ideal tool for mobile workers fed up with using standard docupen rc800 models.

DocuPen scans in three modes: Dual Roller Guiding System The DocuPen RC offers a dual-roller guiding system to enhance the user experience by creating a smoother scanning operation and a more accurate scan. However, for some inexplicable reason, these two buttons were not marked on the device by any icons docupen rc800 it was easy to confuse the two.

Hands on with Nintendo Labo: To use docupen rc800 scanner, you power docupen rc800 on with a button on the top; use the same button to select either standard or high resolutions, and for mono, document or photo image quality use the second button below. Learn more about me and my favorite gear.

Planon DocuPen RC ultra-portable color scanner

My work around while not elegant does work. ComputerShopper may earn affiliate commissions from shopping links included on this docupen rc800.

If rc080 plan to scan lots of images when out on the road, make sure you upgrade the standard memory with a TransFlash card. You can also subscribe without commenting. The scanning settings can be docupen rc800 selected using the docupen rc800 side buttons and the row of icons telling you what configuration you are using for the next scan. There are options to download all the images from the scanner, calibrate the scanner, erase the images in the scanner and export a selected scan as docupen rc800.

A useful status display below this shows what settings have been selected.