Reserved for extension memory low byte. Set CMOS century to 20h or 19h 4. Set CMOS century to 20h or 19h 4. If test fails, keep beeping the speaker. This function will be necessary when you accept this mainboard, or the system CMOS data is corrupted. Provides better memory compatibility. BIOS can not tell the difference between K, 1.

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The chipset has an embedded bit posted write buffer to support delay transactions cycles.

PCI 2 Access 1 Retry: We do not use inferior parts like many of the other sellers you find on Ebay and Amazon. Switch back to text mode if full screen logo is supported. Leave this field at Disabled.

Are they easy to get hold of? Typically, 3D graphics rendering requires a tremendous amount of memory, and demands ever increasing throughput speed as well. To enter the Setup Program: Reserved Initialize the combined Trend Anti-Virus code.

Video shadow is disabled. USB final Initialization 2.

This setting will shorten or skip of the items checked during POST. Give your computer the best, trust A-Tech! This field allows the fp to configure the 2nd serial port. With these changes the processor is relocated away from the expansion slots, allowing them all to hold full length add-in cards.

It can be difficult to provide suffient heat to melt the solder without damaging the track or nearby components.

At A-Tech, customers come first.

The BIOS attempts to load the operating system from the devices in the sequence selected in these items. These specifications are subject to change without notice. Select the first partition to be backed up. Activity of the selected IRQ always awakens the system. The system will turn off the CPU fans during suspend mode. The default is Fp keypad acts as a key pad. If this feature is enabled 8kya will not be able to cache this memory segment.

The AMD Athlon processor is targeted at the performance segment, and as such will have more cache memory and higher clock speeds.


The amount of system memory that the AGP card is allowed to share. The default is Enabled. It features full-speed, on-chip cache memory, a MHz front side system bus, and enhanced 3DNow! These processors implement advanced design techniques such as: Home About us Shipping returns payments installation guides contact us.

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The default value is Enabled. Reserved Reserved Test functionality. DRAM running with lower operation clock. A-Tech boasts a 5 star customer support which can be reached at 1.