Longer response-times like ms or more lead to some real ugliness in games and movies with fast action. Color accuracy degrades in a much narrower viewing range, however, and the sweet spot is pretty much concentrated within about 40 degrees of center. Tech support options are average by our standards: Sony and Universal have announced that their first releases for the new formats will not downgrade resolution on analog connections, which ameliorates the lack of HDCP on the FPW to some degree. Right out of the box we hit it with a battery of monitor tests for calibration, color accuracy, and to look for dead pixels. BenQ proudly states that it is the first LCD monitor to incorporate

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Windows functionality was strong when running at x, but looked messy at non-native resolution when connected via either DVI or D-Sub. This bebq may be a floor model or store return that has been used. The BenQ FPW allows you to take advantage of its reduced footprint and its excellent space economy thanks to its detailed liquid crystal technology.

The ability to have two windows open at the same time is a particularly helpful feature, allowing one to write a document and cross-reference a source without minimizing and maximizing ever few minutes. With the speedy 8ms response time included on this BenQ monitor, you can view movies and games without ghosts or distortion. Tested at its native resolution of 1,x1, the FPW produced sharp, contrasted text and did a good job of moving evenly from black to white on our grayscale tests. Don’t show this again.

Very good Benq Monitor.

The display produced colors that looked overly bright at high intensities and somewhat dingy at low intensities, but these errors are minimal and are acceptable levels for basic productivity computing and amateur photo editing.

This is more limiting than many other LCD designs, however, unless you have a specific reason why you need to twist the screen one way or the other routinely, it’s not much of an annoyance. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We appreciate that BenQ makes its phone support number plainly visible on the Web site, and when we sent an e-mail support query about the HDTV compatibility issue, we received a somewhat terse reply within three hours.

BenQ FPW review: BenQ FPW – CNET

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Compare These Samsung CF See details for description of any imperfections. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s We did, however, notice some tints of color in what should have been pure gray.

It’s not the most easily accessible setup in beenq world, but on the other hand, once a user has configured the FPW according to his or her needs and tastes, little else must be done with the keys on a regular basis, and their unobtrusive design becomes pleasing rather than an ongoing annoyance. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. BenQ proudly states that it is the first LCD monitor to incorporate Best Monitors for These tweaks are more limiting than other 20” LCDs we’ve seen, but in conjunction with gamma settings on the software side, a pretty decent picture is not that hard to produce.

Confirm that your graphics card supports this resolution, if not for games than at least for Windows, before making the purchase, nenq plan to upgrade GPU at the same time as the monitor. The FPW’s cable feed system is minimal: In a dark room and a solid black test screen, the LCD’s backlight bleeds around the edges of the bezel to a noticeable degree.

As such, making adjustments can be a small hassle, as one must inspect the buttons rather closely to determine their function, which of course requires twisting the entire device. Happily, games running in fl202w scaled evenly and without problems. That’s not a huge problem though, as two windows can still fit on the f2p02w side by side, and just about any modern graphics card with the power to run Windows and games at this resolution will have drivers that will support the FPW’s native resolution.

BenQ FPW Specs – CNET

The inch UltraSharp UD monitor performs well, but don’t overpay for it. Brightness and contrast are both manually adjustable, and the FPW also has 4 pre-set configurations: We’ve come a long way.

Show less Show more. Additional Product Features Monitor Color.

BenQ FP202W LCD Monitor

Longer response-times like ms or more lead to some real ugliness in games and movies with fast action. This inch LCD monitor enables you to realize the benefits of increased work output thanks to bfnq superior large-sized screen.

The two movie modes allow for bluish and reddish bias, while the Photo setting ups the overall brightness. Labels are molded into the black plastic, and are not readily apparent.