The Oracle database and tablespaces must already exist as documented above before creating the user. Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Download the last patch on Metalink. The folder had to be renamed to match the service name in the TNS file eg: For Oracle 10 gthe jn initialization parameters are known to work out of the box with the Configuration Change Console server. This setting depends on your environment.

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Download the installation file: The product requires Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

Database Installation

From the Database Instance: This will depend on your environment. Set the file size for this datafile. After completing this, reboot your system Note: Scripts for Generating Tablespaces If you do not want to create the tablespaces manually, there is a script available with the product. The SID field will populate automatically.

Installation of Oracle 9i Database on Windows Server

Log into Database Control as the sys user with the sysdba role. Specify your recovery options. Select the operation Create a Databaseand click Next. It’s possible to create a database instance manually using command-line tools but the common way is to use the wizard Database configuration assistant that you can start by following this path: By default, Enterprise Manager and Database Control will be selected. Configuring Oracle Initialization Parameters The configuration of initialization parameters for the database instance should be created according to your typical production standard configurations.

I have on my PC: At a prompt, run the following command: Oradh10g was very helpful.

On the summary screen, verify all parameters and correct any errors, the click OK. When sizing your database, you should consider the number of concurrent processes and sessions your database has configured.

And what about tnsnames.

For Oracle 10 gthe default initialization parameters are known to work out of the box with the Configuration Change Console server. Specify the password for the sys account. So, right now we can configure ODBC connection: Download the last patch on Metalink. If you are on a database server dedicated to Configuration Change Console, increase the memory to fully utilize the server.

Start the Net configuration assistant:.

Installation of Oracle 9i Database on Windows Server

The user you are creating will automatically be assigned to this new role. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

And if you are specifically looking for a wire protocol supporting oracle driver, here it is: Oracle Database – How to detect read from the temporary tablespace? This is the suggested name for the database as it is used throughout the documentation. This is a very important step as any errors caused at database schema load time will most likely hom1e failures in the server operation.

Oracle Database – Installation Oracle Database 10gR2 on Windows

So I guess it must be installed. Enter the file system name for the datafile.

This installation was made with the patch